Terms & Conditions

The following document covers all possible contingencies and policies of which we can think of with regard to a set of important aspects of your membership to Forex.Academy (thereafter referred to as “FA”), including but not limited to the provision of services offered at the domain http://www.forex.academy. This includes subscription, payments, promotional offers, our affiliation program, etc.

We strongly advise you to read it carefully before subscribing to Forex.Academy.

about Forex.Academy

FA is, in essence, an online provider of educational solutions to traders and/or investors of financial markets, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Our goal is to offer all possible solutions to retail and institutional traders, as well as non-institutional investors.

  • Enterprise

    Within the coming weeks, FA will be incorporated as a limited liability company in at least one (1) country that belongs to the European Union (EU). We shall properly inform all members and users of its occurrence.


FA currently offers a wide range of educational, practical and advisory facilities/services, grouped in three (3) main categories, i.e., “Training” to understand, analyse and trade financial markets; “Market Update” that helps users into their decision-making process by becoming aware of the main economic and/or non-economic events that drive price; “Non-financial advice” that enables members to make better investments in crypto and ICO assets.

  • Types Of Services

    • Premium. Premium services are those offered and provided to members of FA as included in their membership package, i.e., with no additional costs.
    • PLUS. PLUS services are offered and provided by FA separately and on hire, i.e., they are NOT included in the premium membership package.

    Plus services are available to both subscribers and non-subscribers of FA; it requires a separate membership to the one that includes all premium services.

    By default, active members of FA who are not on free trial benefit from a discount on the fees that apply to PLUS services. Consequently, cancellation of the membership to FA shall also result in the loss of the respective price discount on PLUS services.

    Subscription and cancellation of monthly recurring PLUS services and the one to FA are independent and must be treated separately. Consequently, cancellation of the FA membership cannot, by any means, be regarded as extended to those PLUS services that are offered and provided on a monthly continuous basis.

    Unless otherwise stated, promotional fee discount offers to PLUS services do not apply to active members of FA who are not on free trial.

  • Possible New Services

    Some of the services that we, at FA, are planning to launch in the coming months are:

    • 1. Education on how to develop and program Automated Training Systems (ATS).
    • 2. Fully licensed third-party capital management through a MAM account.
    • 3. Advice on how to build up personal portfolios on crypto and ICO assets.
    • 4. 24/5 live and interactive broadcasting of our trading desk.
    • 5. Social trading community where members shall be able to publicly disclose their trading methodologies and be copied by others.
    • 6. Technological facilities in the form of in-house built technical indicators and EAs.
  • What We Do Not Offer

    FA does not operate as an investment institution, a broker, a dealer or introducing broker, or a financial advisory and/or any other business or institutional that requires a qualified license to operate.

    Consequently, we do not accept, raise or manage investments of any kind from any person. Also we do not solicit our members to trade nor make any representation on the likelihood that any given market description shall result in profit. We shall never operate as a multi-level business (MLB). Our conviction and purpose is to provide our members with the right skills so that THEY execute a better decision-making process when trading financial markets or investing in crypto or ICO assets. Please read our Risk Disclosure (link).


Subscribing to the membership of FA costs a monthly fee of €149.

  • Services Included In The Membership

    All premium services are included in the monthly membership package, which corresponds to about ninety-five percent (95%) of all services offered by FA

  • Free Trial

    Currently, FA offers a completely free and optional 2-weeks free trial. A free trial is available to those who fill in the questionnaire in the registration area and accept a monthly recurring payment before any of our implemented payment methods.

    Payment of the first monthly fee shall ONLY occur upon completion of the free trial period.

  • Misuse Of Free Trial

    FA offers a free trial as a courtesy so that potential members are able to become acquainted with our services before making any payment. It can only be used one (1) time per person.

    FA reserves the right to implement control mechanisms to prevent misuse of our free trial facilities, such as multiple recurring attempts to renew the free trial by the same person, or any other type of free riding conduct. Possible control mechanisms may include IP detection, installation of cookies with the consent of the user, etc.

    Possible consequences of misuse of our free trial offer may include fee charging for unpaid use of services, and/or future denial of requirements to become an active member of FA.

  • Free Membership

    FA grants free membership, as a courtesy, to those active and verified clients of the broker JAFX.com who hold a “live trading account” and who have made a deposit of any amount.

    JAFX clients who wish to enjoy this unique offer must submit the email address they used when subscribing to this broker, amongst other information required during the registration process at FA.

    Cancellation of their live trading account at JAFX or the subsequent failure to fulfill any of the requirements mentioned above shall result in the cancellation of the membership by FA. In order to re establish their membership at FA, such persons must proceed with the payment of our monthly recurring fee. FA reserves the right to periodically verify whether or not those members to whom this promotion applies continue holding the requirements that grant them free access.

  • Account Approvals

    A may reject members´ application or close members’ accounts for any reason at FA’s sole and absolute discretion. Closure of membership due to client´s infringement of our contract, including our Rules of Good Conduct (add link) may result in the denial of partial or total reimbursement of the paid fees.

Broker and Trading Platform

FA is publically available regardless of the broker or trading platform used by its members. THUS, FA does not solicit its members to subscribe to any given broker.

However, the selection of a broker and trading platform is decisive for becoming a successful trader. Our long-dated knowledge of the broker, JAFX.com, coupled with its impeccable reputation, allow us to strongly recommend it to our members, which we do by providing the right incentives through our price and membership policies.

JAFX.com & FA

FA´s Feedback Centre is a facility available to both subscribers and non-subscribers to Forex.Academy. First-time surveyed persons who successfully submit the required information can choose between obtaining a discount on the subscription fee to FA during the first month, the fee of a 1-time delivered PLUS service, or the fee during the first month of a recurring continuous provided PLUS service.

The promotional fee discount is only available one (1) time per submitted email. The coupon code is valid during the next six (6) months after generation. Coupons are not cumulative. FA´s Feedback Centre remains available after the generation of the promotional discount coupon.

Promotional Dicount Offers

Unless stated otherwise in the specific promotional marketing campaign, fee-discount coupons on PLUS services, for which provision is continuous on a monthly basis, shall ONLY apply to the first month of the service. Similarly, fee-discount coupons on the membership to FA related to premium services shall ONLY apply to the first month of membership.

By default, fee-discount promotions related to PLUS services are ONLY applicable to non-subscribers to premium services provided by FA, i.e., to FA’s members, whose conditions as members already grant them a significant discount to such services.

Promotional offers that relate to the subscription to FA’s premium services, such as extended free trials, discounts of the monthly fee(s), etc. are cumulative, unless otherwise stated. Other types of promotional offers are cumulative ONLY when so stated.


In order to provide supreme quality and original material to its members, FA has gathered some of the very best market analysts of the industry as the search continues.

  • Privacy

    FA respects the right of some of the members of its Team of Experts to remain anonymous to the public. Thus, FA informs its members and affiliates that some of the characters displayed on the website Forex.Academy may be made-up avatars. However, the quality of the content provided is by no means affected by the implementation of our Privacy Policy.

  • White Labels

    FA informs its members that some of its services may be provided to other websites under a different brand as a white label. Similarly, some of the services provided on the website Forex.Academy may result from white label arrangement with third parties.

    Nevertheless, white label services provided by FA to its members have been subject to a re engineering process that results in the exclusive and original character of the corresponding material.

    FA reserves the right not to disclose the identity of third party providers with whom a white label agreement of any kind may have been established.

  • Job Vacancies

    FA is constantly in search of talented traders and/or market analyst to be hired on conditions that are subject to negotiation on a case-to-case basis. Applicants are welcome to fill in and submit the survey available under the following link: XXX (link).

    The “Job Vacancies” section does not constitute a public binding offer in the legal sense, but an invitation to offer an application by the interested candidate. New incorporations shall depend on the current needs and financial availability of FA. Decisions on submitted surveys take between 5 and 10 calendar days on regular basis.

Fees & Payments

Subscribing to FA and keeping an active membership that grants access to all premium services bears a monthly and recurring payment of a fee that currently corresponds to one hundred and forty-nine euro (€149).

Clients of the broker JAFX.com can access full-righted membership to FA for free, during the time that conditions described above hold. FA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and without previous notice, for granting free access to JAFX clients. JAFX clients are also required to verify payment of PLUS services, although with the default discount that applies to all other members of FA.

PLUS services are available upon payment of a fee, which amount and modality depend on each specific service; as well as on whether or not the given client holds an active membership to FA by the time of purchase. Currently, the only available PLUS service is the Become a Pro Course (link), which cost a 1-time fee of €479 and €349 for non-members and members of FA respectively. Free trials do not grant the active-member discount to PLUS services.

Those who wish to enjoy our free trials are required to fill in the required information, as well as to undertake the registration process, including the permission to be charged by FA upon completion of the respective free trial period before the chosen payment processor. Failure by the free trial holders to cancel the above-described payment permission shall result in them being charged by the time the free trial expires, and on a monthly basis, by FA for the services provided. Check out our Reimbursement Policy to see whether or not you qualify for reimbursement.

Currently, the two available payment processors are PayPal and Stripe. FA shall introduce Skrill and Neteller as valid payment methods in the near future. FA recommends its members to read the T&C of the chosen payment processor that apply in their own country before subscribing to FA.

  • Change Of Policy

    FA reserves the right to change its Fees & Payment Policy at any time without giving previous notice to the public. As for existing members, due and proper notice shall be given, especially if the change of policy results in a fee increase. Any increase in the fee shall come into force thirty days after its publication on the website Forex.Academy for existing members; and immediately for new members.

    Any change of the requirements for which JAFX clients who wishes to freely subscribe to FA must account shall come into force twenty days after its publication on the website Forex.Academy; and in any case no longer than thirty days after a notification email is being sent.


Every member of FA is entitled with the right to cancel their subscription to Forex.Academy and/or to any PLUS service provided by it at any time and without previous notice. Membership cancellation is available at the configuration area accessible upon login; at the bottom of the home page; or by clicking here (add link). Cancellation of the corresponding membership is materialised upon the completion of the cancellation procedure.

Cancellation of the membership at FA implies the automated cancellation of the monthly recurring payment before the selected payment processor. Any undue charge of fees by FA after the cancellation procedure is complete shall grant the respective ex-member the right to full reimbursement.

Cancellation of the monthly recurring payment authorisation by any member of FA before the implemented payment processor, and the subsequent failure to charge by FA shall result in the suspension of the corresponding membership account during a period of three (3) months; afterward, the given account will be automatically cancelled.

Privacy Policy

FA respects the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals. We are also bound by principles contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU e-Privacy Directive. All personal information collected from members and/or those who register to our promotional offers shall be treated with respect and abidance to the applicable EU legislation. Please read our complete Privacy Policy Statement before submitting any information to FA (add link).

Client Support

FA offers its members support through its “Live Chat” entry at the home page of Forex.Academy. Support shall be available live during certain hours of the day, defined at the sole discretion of FA. During the hours in which the “Live Chat” is deactivated, members and non-members may send email tickets to our support staff, who shall respond within 24 to 48 hours on a regular basis, unless the requested information requires a longer response period.

FA shall not be responsible for possible delays in the response of tickets, or for any damage that may result from inaccurate information provided by the corresponding staff member.

Liability Waiver

FA shall not be responsible for any sort of misrepresentation by any of its members, such as that related to the suitability of the educational material provided, including but not limited to the Academic Trading Signals. Liability waiver shall also extend to any damage that may result from the provision of inaccurate information by any of the analysts, either employees, free-lances, associates, etc., of FA; even if given in bad faith and without the consent of FA’s representatives.

FA, its owners, representatives, agents, employees, associates, third-party providers, shall not be responsible for delays in the transmission of information due to a breakdown or failure of communication facilities, electrical power outage or for any other cause beyond FA’s control and/or anticipation. FA or its owners shall not be liable for any damage that may result from any type of conduct performed by its employees, agents, affiliates, commercials, contractors or providers over whom FA has executed due supervisory diligence.

Please read our complete Risk Disclosure before subscribing to FA or any of its PLUS services. Independent legal advice is highly recommended.

Intellectual Property

All material, information, facility or product provided by FA to its members are subject to copyright, trademark, trade secret, know-how and/or any other intellectual property right exclusively owned by Forex.Academy and/or third-party providers under private contract between FA and such third party. Members of FA are not allowed to distribute, reproduce, resell, lend, or copy for free or on hire basis any part or all of the material provided by FA for its own private use without the explicit consent by Forex.Academy.

  • Business Integrity

    Members of FA are strictly prohibited to diffuse, transmit or promulgate the perceived know-how of FA, including the design, format and/or content of the services, products and/or facilities by it provided that may jeopardise the integrity of its undertaken business model to the public, without the explicit approval by FA, its owners or any of its competent representatives.

  • Affiliates And Marketing By Third Parties

    Affiliates of FA are obliged to strictly follow the guidelines, instructions, and boundaries set by FA when executing their own marketing activities that aim at promoting Forex.Academy. By no means are Affiliates of FA authorised to divulge false revenue promises that may lead the public to error and/or misrepresentation with regard to the services provided by FA, its policies and stances, including but not limited to its risk disclaimer.

Non-Solicitation to Trade or Financial advice

FA explicitly reminds its members that all services and products offered by it and delivered pursue the only purpose of providing some of the epistemological, empirical and cognitive tools and-or skills we believe are relevant in the decision-making process of understanding, analysing and trading financial markets. FA does not neglect the existence and suitability of other such methods, tools or skills.

Members of FA are solely responsible for the selection of assets to trade, the execution of market positions, the number of trades, the suitability and-or compatibility of any educational material provided with their own personal investment preferences and/or risk orientation, the selection of execution of any given strategy, and of rules or trading methodology.

Consequently, members of FA hereby agree to hold FA, its owners, representatives, employees, agents and providers blameless from any liability, financial or otherwise, or expense (including attorneys’ fees and disbursements), that may result in the form of losses or detriments of their trading accounts when being delivered by the services offered by FA.

FA does not operate as a financial advisory institution of any kind, including but not limited to banks, investment banks, investment funds, hedge funds, financial planner or any other entity whose performance is subject to regulation. Please read our Risk Disclosure (add link) before subscribing to Forex.Academy. Independent legal and financial advice is strongly advised.

Binding Effect

The Terms and Conditions hereby contained, together with related documents (the redirect links to them are included), including but not limited to the Risk Disclosure, Reimbursement Policy, Privacy Policy Statement, Rules of Good Conduct, Affiliation T&C (when applied) have a binding and continuous effect from the moment of registration as members of FA until the cancellation of the membership. This agreement shall only be deemed to be accepted by FA and to it, binding from the moment that subscription is email verified and payment is executed, the latter with the exception of clients of JAFX that fulfill the requirements established by Forex.Academy.


Members of FA hereby agree to indemnify FA for any damage or liability that may result from the member´s failure to fully and timely execute their responsibilities established in this contract, as well as established in all correlated documents, to which a redirectional link is to it incorporated.


The Term “FA” stands for Forex.Academy and shall include the enterprise, incorporated legal entity, its owners, economic and legal representatives, employees, agents, providers, affiliates, divisions, successors, and assigns. The word “Member” denotes the party that successfully subscribes to any or all of the services offered by FA. The heading “Agreement” shall include this document as well as related documents to which the redirect link is to it incorporated, including but not limited to the Risk Disclosure, Reimbursement Policy, Privacy Policy Statement, Rules of Good Conduct, Affiliation T&C that have and/or are expected to have a binding effect between the Member and FA.

Use of the Website Forex.Academy

Content on the web site Forex.Academy is provided as a convenience but may be outdated or inaccurate. Information displayed on the site about third parties does not imply any representation by FA on its suitability to the particularities of any specific viewer, nor its general accuracy. FA is not responsible for information provided by such third party websites.

No Amendment or Waiver

All or part of the provisions hereby contained may not be waived, or subject to modification, review, or change etc., unless it is in writing and signed by another client and an authorised representative of FA. Staff members of FA who work on client’s support lack of representativeness nor competence to modify the provisions included in this document.


The provisions hereto contained shall be deemed to be a binding contract between FA and its clients/members. If any part of this agreement is subject to modification or rescission by any court, regulatory or self-regulatory agency, the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby, and this contract shall be carried out as if such invalid or unenforceable provision was not included.

No Responsability for Personal Comments

FA, its owners, representatives, agents, employees, and/or third-party providers shall not be held responsible for comments made by any individual market analyst and/or invited guest related to the suitability of any given trade, analysis, entry setup, etc., that may lead the public to the belief that FA is somehow guaranteeing any sort of performance success. Despite all efforts undertaken by FA during the selection process of their associates and/or employees, any such comments shall be deemed to be personal and only compromise the responsibility and/or liability of the respective associate. Please read our Risk Disclosure (add link). FA strongly recommends its clients/members to seek independent legal and economic advice before subscribing to FA.

Referring Parties

FA explicitly informs its clients/members who may have been introduced by a third-party affiliate, “introducing broker” (IB) or any other third party, that FA and your IB are completely independent of one another, and that there exists no partnership, labour or joint venture agreement between the parties. Consequently, FA bears no responsibility or liability for any damage that may result from the inaccuracy or incompleteness in the information provided to you by such third party IB, including but not limited to the Terms and Conditions of this contract, implied risks, or promotions.

New clients to FA are advised to carefully read our Risk Disclosure, as well as to seek independent legal and economic advice before registering. The client acknowledges that FA makes no promise regarding the suitability of the content provided by it, including but not limited to trading systems, analytical tools, or market update information. Trading/investing (in) any financial or non-financial instrument or asset class lies within the sole discretion of the client.

Clients agree on that referring IBs may receive compensation for their introductory work, and that both parties (i.e., FA and the IB) reserve the right to administer their relation from a legal and economic standpoint.


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