Rules of Good Conduct

Forex.Academy provides members of its community with a wide range of facilities through which a certain degree of interaction if available, including but not limited to commentary thread in published posts and graphs, social networks and channels such as Facebook, and a forum. By doing so, it is Forex.Academy’s well-intended purpose to enrich the learning and user experience of all its clients, under the belief that social interaction between members is positive.


Forex.Academy may revise it privacy policy in the future when changes in business, services and legislations make such update necessary. Forex.Academy shall email every client listed in its data base in order to give them proper notification. Inactive clients might accidently receive updating information related to changes in our Privacy policies. However, client acknowledges and agrees on checking this page on regular basis, as not every client is required to submit updated contact details to Forex.Academy.


Forex.Academy dedicates, efficiently, resources to supervise that information shared by members on social facilities keep the minimum levels of courtesy and respect towards other members, Forex.Academy as a brand, its owners, associates, employees, agents, and providers. However, it may become impossible to monitor all comments published by all members.

Good Conduct

Overall, members of Forex.Academy who wish to publish their comments through social facilities offered and/or run by the latter, are required to keep the minimum level of courtesy and respect towards other members, moderator (s), Forex.Academy, its owners, associates, employees, agents, and providers. Specific examples of behaviors that are not in accordance with this document, thus with the contract that binds the parties (i.e., each client and Forex. Academy), are:

  1. Usage of inappropriate and/or vulgar language, such as obscene or indecent words that aim at degrading any specific person or group of persons.
  2. Usage of language that imply racist and/or prejudice disqualifications against any specific person or group of persons.
  3. Usage of injurious and/or defamatory languages against other members, Forex.Academy, or any of its owners of representatives, e.g., for services offered and provided by the latter.
  4. The unauthorized impersonation of a representative of Forex.Academy while providing information that would otherwise require regulation such as financial advisory.
  5. Usage of social facilities to promote their own business without the proper authorization of Forex.Academy.
  6. Any attempt to create panic among other members by spreading fake economic and political news that could have an impact on markets or price.

Possible Measures

Depending on the level of breach, i.e., conduct´s seriousness, the following measures shall be implemented in an escalated and one by one basis by Forex.Academy´s agent or representative:

  1. Personal notice given to the offender in private.
  2. Public exposure of the offender and removal of the corresponding comment.
  3. Temporary suspension of the member´s right to use social facilities when possible.
  4. Permanent exclusion of the offender from all social facilities.
  5. Cancellation and banning of the offender´s membership to Forex.Academy

Forex.Academy reserves the right to adopt the above measures in a different order if the offense warrants it. Other measures may be possible and may be implemented in complete respect of the rights of the offender.

Non-Reimbursement for Serious Offense

Client acknowledges and agrees on the fact that, in the event that due to his offensive behavior in the social facilities provided/administrated by Forex.Academy his membership and/or services may be unilaterally cancelled, even without previous notice. If this happens, client agrees on waiving every right to request a reimbursement from Forex.Academy and/or the utilized Payment Processor, either in part or in total. Forex.Academy recommends clients to read the Reimbursement Policy Statement.

No-Responsibility Clause

Client acknowledges and agree on leaving Forex.Academy, its owners, associates, agents, employees, and third party providers harmless in the event of any damage that may result from any possible behavior and/or conduct performed by other client in the environment of any of the social facilities offered and/or administrated by and/or on behalf of Forex.Academy, even if the corresponding comment is not removed by Forex.Academy´s representative. Forex.Academy recommends clients to read the Risk Disclosure Statement.

Documentation Bundle and Interpretation

The T&C, Privacy Policy Statement, Rules of Good Conduct, Reimbursement Policy Statement, and Affiliation T&C (if applied) shall be deemed to be as parts of the same single contract between members and FA. If any part of the contract agreement is subject to modification or rescission by any court, regulatory or self-regulatory agency, the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby, and this contract shall be carried out as if such invalid or unenforceable provision was not included.
In the event of any contradiction between documents part of the contract between Members and FA, the wording contained in the Risk Disclosure (i.e., this document) shall prevail.


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