Live Trading Signals

Forex Academy’s reloaded trading methodologies are now applied to generate the most consistently profitable signals of the entire industry. In a user-friendly table format, a large number of historical signals are available for the sake of transparency for members ONLY. Great features such as the number of total pips earned, the average risk reward-ration, stop loss and take profit edition, a methodology column etc., account for the real environment a regular trader experience. For more information, read the Table User Manual.

Key Features

  • Included in the Premium membership.
  • Empowering statistical features available.
  • Consistently profitable signals.
  • Complete transparency
  • Mainly intra-day timeframe
  • Charts and comments available
  • Robustly tested implemented trading methods
  • Voice/sound notification system in “My Account”
  • Manually generate by a team of 5 Experts.
  • Mobile responsive.

Active Trader Live will start in