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Please review the following commonly raised inquiries BEFORE submitting a ticket. Our FAQ site provides a complete and comprehensive list of answers related to a diverse number of topics such as our company, Subscriptions, Forex Academy’s Premium Membership, PLUS services, special offers including FREE access to all premium services by active clients of JAFX, Webinars, Services, Social Networks, Reimbursement & Cancellation, Payment Processing, Feedback Center, and Job Applications.

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Why is Forex Academy different and unique?

At Forex Academy, we believe that successful trading requires a set of tools which availability comes from a wide range of sources. Furthermore, a typical trader might need to keep over 30 or 40 different tabs open in a browser just to access specialized information or tools. We have taken specialization to a very new level, i.e., we aim at providing every single service any trader needs with super quality and consistency. Additionally, we enhance the implementation of different analytical and educational methodologies among our staff, some of which may contradict with each other, in order to show our members that the most important aspect of trading is to be able to develop one´s own and unique trading method, which should result from one´s and others´ experience. All this makes Forex.Academy different and special.

What Services are included in the Premium Membership?

All services available on the website of Forex Academy, except for those tagged as PLUS.

How much does the Premium Membership cost?

Forex.Academy’s Premium Membership costs a monthly recurring fee of 149 Euro, which are charged every 30 days.

Is there a free trial for the Premium Membership?

Forex Academy offers a default 14 days FREE trial to the premium membership, upon which the first monthly payment of 149 Euro will be charged.

Can I get a FREE trial without having to link my PayPal account?

No. As the final step of the subscription form, applicants are required to link their PayPal account. In order to avoid being charged, the premium member has 14 days to cancel their subscription in the “My Account” area (after logging in, at the top-right corner) and directly with PayPal.

How can I subscribe to Forex Academy for FREE?

All active and verified clients of our recommended broker JAFX qualify to subscribe to Forex Academy’s Premium Membership completely for FREE. The only condition that applies to JAFX clients who wish to take advantage of this unique offer is to hold a real trading account with funds (regardless of the deposit), and that their documentations is approved by the broker.

Where can I register to the webinars?

There are different ways to register to Forex Academy´s webinars, but first of all you need to login as a premium member. Once you are logged in, the most suitable way to book as many webinars as you wish is by visiting our Webinar Center which is a sub-section of the section named “Webinars”. A pop-up will immediately open with the all webinars scheduled over the incoming week. As you hover on the respective webinar cell, you will find the number of places available; if there are places left for the webinar that you wish to attend, simply click on it until the cell becomes green with a message “Booked”. Afterwards, click on the “Register to Sessions” button at the bottom of the calendar. You can also access the calendar pop up by clicking on “Plan your Week” in the same webinar center sub-section.

A second way to book your place for a webinar is by clicking on the blue “Register” button on the right column of the list of webinars in the same “Webinar Center” sub-section. Simply find the webinar that you wish to attend and click on “register”; this will take you to the webinar calendar pop up, where you need to repeat the procedure explained above.

A third alternative is by clicking on the blue “Register” button in the small banner displayed on the third header column on the right side of most pages across the website. This will, once more, take you to the webinar calendar pop up window where you can repeat the procedure explained above.

A forth possibility is by clicking on the blue “Register” button on the notification message that pops up 15 minutes before the start of each webinar. Afterwards, simply repeat the same procedure.

I have register to a webinar, how can now attend to it?

Once you have successfully booked your place for a webinar, you can attend to it by clicking on the blue “Attend” button on the right side of the respective entry on the list of webinars in the “Webinar Center” Subsection; you can also click on the same type of button in the “Next Live Webinar” banner that is placed on the third header column on the right side of most pages across the website. A final way to attend a webinar is through the notification popup that appears every 15 mins before the start of the webinar for which you have registered.

I wish to book my place for the Become a Pro Course PLUS service but the system redirects me to the checkout area. Why?

Because the Become a Pro Course is a PLUS services, your premium membership only grants you a significant discount on its fee. Consequently, in order to register and attend webinars related to the Become a Pro Course you would need to register and purchase it. The procedure of registering, attending and cancelling webinars is as explained in the answers above.

Will I ever have to register to a webinar through any link that is emailed to me?

No. You can manage all your webinars directly on the site as explained in the answers above.

What PLUS services are currently available by Forex Academy?

Forex Academy currently offers 3 PLUS services, i.e., Become a Pro Course, Forex Analytics, and Courses on Demand.

The Become a Pro Course is the last step of Forex Academy’s “Educational Trilogy”, also consisting of the Live Beginning Course (Premium) and the Advanced Technical Analysis Course (also Premium). Forex Analytics is available in 2 different packages, namely Foundation and Advanced, depending on the applied methodology. This service is delivered as daily reports where price is predicted with an incredibly high rate of accuracy. And the last one, our unrivalled Courses on Demand provide traders with the unique experience of selecting those themes of their preferences without the inefficiencies of engaging into long-lasting training programs; all Courses on Demand are offered individually. We also offer some Courses on Demand for free for all visitors.

Why aren’t PLUS services included in the Premium Membership?

PLUS services are highly specialized and do require prodigious resources to be delivered optimally, which is why Forex Academy offers them as external to the Premium Membership. Nevertheless, we have set a price that is well below market standards, considering criteria such as quality, originality, frequency and quantity in the delivery, etc. For example, The Become a Pro Course, a service that is by far better than all courses of which we are aware, costs a fraction of what other providers charge. Furthermore, active premium members can take advantage of a discount of up to 50% when purchasing any of the PLUS services.

Does the Premium Membership imply any benefit with regard to PLUS services?

Yes, active premium members can take advantage of a discount of up to 50% when purchasing any of the PLUS services. For example, the price of the Become a Pro Course is 549 Euro for non-premium members but only 379 Euro for those who are. Similarly, Courses on Demand for premium members cost 5.79 Euro and 9.79 Euro instead of 9.79 Euro and 18.79 correspondingly; while for Forex Analytics, premium members pay 39 for the Foundation Package and 89 Euro for the Advanced package instead of 89 Euro and 149 Euro respectively.

If I upgrade to the Premium Membership, can I get the discount reimbursed?

The offer for PLUS services only applies to active premium members. Consequently, we do not refund the discount for those subscribers who upgrade to the Premium Membership after having purchased any of the PLUS services. However, those non-premium subscribers who subscribe to the Forex Analytics PLUS service and then upgrade to the Premium Membership can benefit, from the moment of the upgrade, of reduced fees.


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