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We are the ultimate solution for retail and professional traders. Our mission is to support you every step of the way.

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Solid and Transparent Trading Learning

Transparency & Commitment

Our aim is to help you become a successful professional trader; our means truly valuable services

Trading Workshop Sessions

Workshop Sessions

Our workshop sessions will give the edge you need to consolidate your learning process

Original & Unique Teaching Trading Course

Original & Unique Teaching

Years of experience have enabled us to design the most revolutionary teaching method, as well as the most solid courses for trading in the industry

Unrivalled Crypto & ICO Coverage Trading Course

Crypto & ICO Coverage

Join the crypto and ICO lucrative markets as a PRO with our advanced analytical methods and permanent coverage

Comprehensive Approach to Markets Trading Course

Best Approach to Markets

Our unique multi-disciplinary approach to financial markets will help you trade as only institutional portfolio managers do

Solid and Transparent Trading Course

Flexibility & Diversity

Over 20 state of the art services and 100 monthly live webinars makes Forex.Academy the ultimate solution for ALL traders as we take personal preferences very seriously

Solid Community Support of Trading

Solid Community Support

Take advantage of the soon-to-become largest traders’ community in the industry

Advanced Feedback Center

Advanced Feedback Center

In line with our permanent pursuance of excellence, we welcome you to use our exclusive Feedback Centre and to help us improve

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How Can Forex.Academy Benefit You?

Flexibility, Diversity & Readiness

Over 20 exclusive services and 100 monthly live webinars prove that we truly care about traders personal preferences of our members.

From Zero to Hero Training

Our trilogy of courses will give you the edge you need to successfully trade financial markets

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Trade leveraged cryptos and supercharge your trading !

Dear Trader,

Forex.Academy's large number of services (over 20 services and 100 live webinars monthly) could easily be categorized to 4 main areas, namely Education, Update & Analysis, Live Webinars, and Crypto & ICOs.

If you are new into trading, or wish to refresh concepts, our Trading Course for Beginners would probably be your first step. As you make progress, our Technical Analysis Course and Professional Trading Course should help you empower you with sufficient tools to analyze and trade financial markets. Complementary educational services are our Educational Library. As soon as you are ready to start trading, our Update & Analysis Section will provide you with all the relevant information and analysis you need to take more reasoned positions. We specially recommend you to keep a tab open at all times displaying our Market Watch service. Relevant live webinars in which you might be interested are the Technical Analysis Course, London Unwinding, and Live Weekly Markets Overview if you are more of a long-term trader.

For a quick overview of financial markets, you might also want to take advantage of our exclusive Trade Ideas (also for Crypto fans).

Now, in case you are one of those who wish to trade while learning, then our Live Trading Signals, and Live Trading Webinars (i.e., Active Trader Live are the place to go. And of course, we dedicate a complete section to all our crypto enthusiast members, with update, analysis, picks, and our unique ICO Review Live webinar!

Please visit our Calendar & Booking Area where you can book all live webinars that you wish to attend by clicking on the Plan your Week.

Your Premium Membership to Forex.Academy not only includes over 90% of our services but benefits you with a discount of up to 65% when you purchase our All Access Services. Currently, the only 3 PLUS services that we offer are the Professional Trading Course (Samples are available for free), Courses on Demand (Samples are available for free), and 2 distinctive versions of our Quantitative Trading reports (14 day Free trial is available).

Forex Academy´s Team


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